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Welcome to Crests Financial
Crests Financial is a fund management company aimed at making maximum profits for our clients. We know the games brokers play. Being fund managers, we have created this framework of impeccable standards with complete transparency. From technology, corporate governance to customer service standards, we want the best and we say it as it is. we are offering everyone interested to use a modern and profitable instrument of online investing. Every client of our company can invest our minimum amount in order to receive regular passive income and this is very easy to do..

We place capital according to the program that assumes having diversification in three focus areas. We work with the most stable and verified ones: Forex Trading and Binary options Trading. Distribution of funds of our investors among these focus areas allows not only to significantly reduce risks, but also to increase the profitability of the investment portfolio.
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The minimum deposit of $2,000 allows almost anyone invest with the company and earn.
Jun 3, 2009
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Crestsfinancial is among USA's first 5 bitcoin mining pool. We are currently operating at around 5% of bitcoin networks hashing power. In the last one year, we have heavily invested in the research of other cryptocurrency for their best mining practices. Today, we not only mining bitcoin but also other altcoins. We follow emerged mining processes ensuring that we are able to utilize full capacity of the ASICs employed. Ensuring all parallel computational capabilities are fully utilized. We have developed patent pending proprietary algorithms that determine what coin should be mined when and for what duration and then servers automatically keep switching between the small basket of the most profitable coins to be mined at that time, considering their price in bitcoin at the moment and their difficulty. We also have developed proprietary algorithms that converts the altcoins mined at the most opportunistic moments into bitcoins, to maximize the return on investment. Also, very interestingly owing to our long-standing relations with mining equipment manufacturers we have been able to get exclusive chips made. Many of these chips are nowhere available in the market and are unlikely to be available for the next 3 years owing to the contract. These specialized chips are then assembled into rigs by our team and have been able to give us more hashing power per unit area utilized capital deployed and heat generated giving us a massive edge over most other miners or even setting up your own independent rig. Bitcoin can act like a universal currency and specially enable business transactions in those countries where the financial system is not that strong. To enable merchants to accept bitcoins we have created pay bitz-bitcoin payment processor. Now businesses can generate and settle their invoices in bitcoins. The on boarding process is as easy as creating an email account and a merchant can start accepting bitcoins in just 20 seconds. Unlike most bitcoin payment processors that store the bitcoins in their own wallet until a merchant manually withdraws them, paybitz sends your bitcoins instantly to your connected wallet address and there is no intermediate storage of any amount in our wallets. This not only helps us to maintain security and transparency but also helps in quick and cost effective settlement of invoices. Because we are firm believers in cryptocurrency we will add support for multiple altcoins, ethereum, bitcoincash and litecoin in the near future so that each of our customers gets limitless opportunities to expand his/her business to national and global level. We at Crestsfinancial and research groups of companies work hard and party hard. We also encourage employees to maintain a good work life balance as we personally feel that efficiency and performance are directly correlated to a person's emotional and physical well being.
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